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of Artel-22 8, Sv. Sofia St., fl. 3


We would like to express our gratitude to the team of the translation agency Artel-22. Energo-Pro Bulgaria EAD has been using its services for the past four years and is impressed with their professionalism and ability to work according to the specific requirements imposed by our daily work.


Our work requires translation and legalization of documents of different nature and various languages. The results of our joint work demonstrated the integrity, speed and professionalism applied by the agency and its ability to work, taking into account the need for confidentiality.


Our team is convinced that Artel-22 fully deserves the trust of its future customers due to its vast experience, visible results and high quality services.


CEO: Radoslav Slavov




Alfa Finance Holding AD,, 1504 Sofia, 7, Sheynovo St., tel. 02 48 93 600, Fax: 02 94 23 120


We would like to share our satisfaction and appreciation for our joint work, for the professionalism and quality translations provided by ARTEL-22 EOOD Agency.


We have been using the services of ARTEL-22 EOOD for years on end both for translations of large specialized contracts from and into different languages ​​and for express urgent translations.


Their attitude has always been professional and collegial. The quality of the provided service is traditionally high and the deadlines for implementation are reasonable and correct.


As a result of our joint work we are willing to recommend ARTEL-22 EOOD Agency to all our partners and contractors and we hope to continue our long-term partnership with them.


We express our gratitude for their integrity and wish them many more new partners.



Executive Officer: Yuri Katanov






We  are very satisfied and deeply appreciate our joint work, the professionalism and quality of the translations made by ARTEL-22 EOOD Agency for us.


We express our gratitude for their integrity and wish them many more new partners.




Diacron Consultants EOOD





We would like to express our satisfaction and gratefulness for the work and professionalism of ARTEL 22 EOOD Translation Agency and its employees.


Thanks to their expedient reaction the documents submitted for translation from various languages ​​are always delivered on time and in accordance with our confidentiality requirements.


We sincerely recommend ARTEL 22 as a reliable partner who can be trusted to provide excellent results.


Kalin Peshov – Chairman of the Board, GLAVBOLGARSTROY HOLDING AD




 Sofia, Benkovski quarter, 29, Oralitsa St.



Toshel-92 EOOD Company has been working with Artel 22 EOOD Translation Agency since the beginning of 2012. For this period, our company has used the services of the Agency for specialized translations – legal, economic and technical documentation in the energy field.


The nature of the work of Toshel-92 EOOD requires translation of documents of various types, presented to different companies from the private and public sectors, which imposes higher requirements to their integrity and accuracy.


We are pleased to say that the services performed by Artel 22 EOOD Translation Agency fully comply with these requirements and contribute to the successful and timely completion of the daily tasks assigned to our company.


We recommend 22 Artel EOOD Translation Agency as a reliable partner who will fulfill its commitments in a highly professional way.



Manager: Toshel-92 EOOD -T. Grigorov






I have known Gergana Nikolova and the whole team of Artel EOOD since 2005, when I used the services of the translation agency for the first time.


I was impressed by the exceptional professionalism and integrity, which the company demonstrates in its work. The Association which I represent mediates for international adoptions of children and for us accuracy, competence and responsibility are key factors for success- and ARTEL EOOD has proven over the years that it can deliver them.


Their work is characterized by thorough understanding of the matters being translated, by precision and exceptionally good organization.


The responsiveness of Gergana Nikolova and the entire team to the issues of the Association managed by me, their timely assistance at every stage of the procedures, requiring professional and fluent translation, elevate the activities of ARTEL EOOD far above what is meant by purely “translation” activity. I would say that their main goal is to cooperate with their customers, helping in their specific activity.


The qualities revealed by the specialists of ARTEL EOOD during all these years of our joint work deserve the trust of all their future partners and customers. I do not hesitate to recommend ARTEL EOOD as a partner to anyone who would like to receive highly qualified cooperation, complete loyalty, constructiveness, honesty and of course – professionalism.


I wish success to the entire team of ARTEL EOOD!


Adv. Nelly Gancheva Chair of the Board of ANIDO Association





by “Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech” EAD (the Company), represented by Dr. Eng. Ilia Borisov Garkov – Executive Director


This reference is issued to ARTEL-22 EOOD, a specialized agency for translation and legalization of documents, to certify that they have always fulfilled their commitments pursuant to our requirements.


The company has a long-standing business relationship with ARTEL-22 EOOD and has repeatedly used its services and has always received high quality and timely service


The company has a team of highly qualified specialists, thanks to whom it is able to offer an effective solution related to the tasks within short terms. During our joint work the team of ARTEL-22 EOOD has demonstrated professionalism and responsibility.


We are pleased with the integrity, accuracy and quality of implementation, as well as with the attitude of ARTEL-22 EOOD to us as a client.


05.12. 2016

ENG. ILIA GARKOV – Executive Officer

“Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech” EAD


Bulgaria, Sofia Region, village of Chelopech, 2087, Tel + 359 728 68 226 Fax: +359 728 68286 Bulgaria, Sofia District, 2087 Chelopech Village Office: + 359 728 68 226 Fax: +359 728 68286 Email: pr@dundeeprecious.corp

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