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Artel-22 is a certified translation agency and holds a LICS – Language Industry Certification System Certificate, represented in Bulgaria by the Institute for Standardization – BSS.


LICS Certificate


WRITTEN TRANSLATION in various areas:


  • Municipal documents
  • Legal/financial/tender documentation
  • Construction
  • Business records
  • Medical records
  • Internet platforms
  • Websites
  • Online catalogs


ARTEL-22 Translation agency offers translation of various documents: school and university diplomas and certificates , legal, financial, tender and municipal documentation, construction, business records, medical records, internet platforms, websites, online catalogs, etc.


Artel- 22  Agency is the best choice when need high quality and fast service.


  1. We are the right choice for translation of specialized texts and compliance with terminology requirements.
  2. Our translators have vast experience in translating medical texts, such as medical history, health books and records.
  3. We possess the necessary experience in the translation of annual accounts, balance sheets, financial statements, reports, tax returns, insurance, banking and other documents.

The price for each translation is calculated per 1 standard page (1800 characters) and varies based on the difficulty of the text and the required time frame.


The price is further increased for translations of specialized technical, medical and other texts.


We offer discounts for large orders.


At present the Agency has registered over 60 translators at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs , who are authorized to make translations of official (public) documents and papers from Bulgarian to foreign languages ​​and from foreign languages ​​into Bulgarian.


The translation can be obtained electronically, by fax, or may be delivered by a company courier.